Monday, August 1, 2011

United States Debt Crisis

One has to wonder about the United States and their politicians, well at least they eventually did get a sort of agreement - even if a crazy compromise.    

Agreement to cuts to spending, but no increases in taxes.    Madness.

The widening gap between rich and poor and the way the Republicans will not even allow the tax loop holes to be plugged just doesn't make sense to me.  This appears to me to be a recipe for violence and depression.

The Spirit Level (see previous post) authors would point out that this is absolutely hopeless decision for a society.   

One has to ask why a country would cut benefits and make the poor even poorer in a rich country that encourages wealth.    

The big costs the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and as throughout history the poor pay, both in their lives and in their taxes.   Why should I be surprised?

If countries that are unequal have more violence, bad health, increased mental health issue, obesity, larger prison populations and isolation with loneliness, then why make the separation much larger?  

That is a question for the Rebublicans and the Tea Party???


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